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Florida Institute of Performance Expands to The Leadbetter Golf Academy

(PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida) – Florida Institute of Performance (, a sports performance training center offering customized training programs for athletes, announces the addition of its new location: The Leadbetter Golf Academy World Headquarters, in ChampionsGate, Fla., just outside Orlando. Florida Institute of Performance, known for its highly-educated staff and science-based athletic development programs, now offers training sessions at its original Palm Beach Gardens facility as well as at the Omni® ChampionsGate Resort and golf facility at ChampionsGate Golf Resort.

“We are pleased to announce our second location, serving not only Florida athletes, but also those from around the country and the world who seek the finest training programs to support and enhance their goals,” said David Donatucci, M.Ed C.S.C.S., owner of Florida Institute of Performance. “We welcome golfers across the spectrum, from those with little physical training experience to those who seek to fine-tune and customize their workout plans and their next level of success – from first-time golfers to tour players.”

Florida Institute of Performance’s training programs are designed to get golfers moving better, playing longer and staying healthier. By identifying weaknesses and prescribing exercises to correct and strengthen them, creating swing consistency, the Institute has as its goal to increase strength, power, speed, stability and movement efficiency throughout a golfer’s swing while preventing injury. Florida Institute of Performance training programs are being incorporated into The David Leadbetter Golf Schools and Academies, including the new junior academy.

Those interested in scheduling an appointment at either location should call 561-252-6050, or see or

Get Shafted - Finding the Right Shaft for Your Game

(Willowbrook, IL) - Think you know a lot about golf shafts? Think again! Did you know there are no standards for shaft flex?    It can mean something different for every manufacturer. Playability tolerances in each category of stiff or regular are vast! To understand this better, I spoke with several shaft industry leaders: Fujikura’s Sales Manager Chad Embrey; Victor Afable, CEO of VA Composites; Gawain Robertson, Owner of ACCRA Shafts; and Nick Sherburne, co-founder of Club Champion.

Club Champion is the #1 premium club fitter, builder and retailer of the best brands in golf. Their master fitters and builders are unrivaled experts whose approach is unbiased, where no specific vendor is promoted. The only goal is to find the best combination of components to lower your scores. Club Champion offers over 35,000 hittable shaft and head combinations, making Sherburne an expert on this topic.

“The industry taught us the club head is the engine of the golf club because that’s “what hits the ball”, but the shaft is far more important.” Sherburne says. “With thousands of shaft options and no industry ‘flex’ standards, it’s nearly impossible for golfers to find the shaft that performs best for them without professional help. It’s important to find a skilled fitter with a launch monitor to find the right shaft to maximize your performance.”

According to Robertson, “terms like stiff or regular flex are so generalized, they essentially mean nothing.  Different sections of the shaft can be totally different flexes.” Manufacturers design shafts for three different sections; 1) butt (the grip end), 2) midsection and 3) tip sections. They can produce shafts that are soft in the middle, stiff at the tip, and medium in the butt or any combination imaginable.  Robertson adds, “Club fitters understand the profiles of shafts. If a player needs something with a softer tip section and a stiffer butt section, they know which shaft has that profile. Club Champion’s understanding of how to fit golfers is an integral part of any club being successful in a player’s hands. “

Embrey adds, “Flex specifications are impacted by torque - a misunderstood shaft specification.  Many golfers believe lower torque means better shafts, which is not necessarily true.  Seasoned fitters will often choose a higher torque shaft for smoother, slower swingers to help get the ball up in the air faster and create spin. Lower torque is better for players that swing aggressively.”

Afable believes custom fitting is very important. “Shafts with various weights and flexes react differently to individual heads. Some retail stores sell shafts off a wall. The problem is they may or may not be the right shaft for you. Furthermore, the builder who installs the shaft may not know how to trim it correctly which is where things can go wrong. It is essential to find a highly skilled fitter, like Club Champion, who understands the difference and are trained to properly fit and install shafts.”

There is an enormous difference between club manufacturers’ stock shafts and higher-end, aftermarket models Tour professionals play. Typically, cheaper shafts are made from lower grade materials. They’re manufactured in larger quantities in places like Mexico and Vietnam, which often means watered down tolerances.  Exotic materials from Japan maintain very tight tolerances, not only for weight or flex, but straightness and roundness of the shaft. When a shaft is not rolled or manufactured properly, there will be gaps within the layers of graphite, which can really affect performance. Embrey adds, “Mostly, OEM shafts do what they're intended to do, but they're not designed to dial players in.”

Club Champion uses a unique coupling system allowing golfers to hit any combination of heads and shafts. They find combinations that solve a golfer’s problems. Most fitters use club carts provided by club manufacturers, however, they are unable to mix-and-match across carts to determine the ideal combination.  Club Champion offers hundreds of shafts, many not available through most other fitters and retailers.

Sherburne believes golfers should start thinking about what value they put a on their golf game. “Sometimes people come in and say they’ll just get something off the shelf because spending $500 to get an extra 20 yards isn’t worth it. That 20 extra yards is two less clubs into the green? Hitting pitching wedge instead of 8-iron, you’re going to hit more greens. I can almost guarantee that 20 yards is going to knock two strokes off your handicap.”

Club Champion delivers a Tour-quality fitting producing longer, more accurate shots with a nearly 100% satisfaction rate. Whether looking to buy new clubs or just fix your current set, a premium club fitting is the answer. Many assume that premium fitting is only for great golfers, but a 2017 Golf Magazine fitting study found that high handicappers improved even more dramatically. With 31 studios across the country and seven more coming in the next three months, Club Champion is ready to improve your game. Don’t just buy clubs, buy guaranteed improvement.

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Help Women's Golf Day Achieve Record Breaking Ambitions

As location registration opens for the 3rd annual event on June 5th golfers across the world are encouraged to get their venues involved

(RELEASE) - Women’s Golf Day (WGD), the hugely popular global celebration of women and girls in golf, is returning for 2018.  With the support of golfers across the globe it is set to be the most successful event ever.  This year WGD is calling on male and female golfers worldwide to encourage the venues where they play to get involved, host an event and share the game we all love.

WGD is a one day event that uses a combination of golf and socialising to introduce women and girls to the game of golf and encourages existing golfers to tee it up in a fun and highly inclusive environment. The 2018 event, which will take place on June 5th, was launched at a press conference at the PGA Show in Orlando by Annika Sörenstam and aims to engage more women and girls in the game than ever before.

Elisa Gaudet and Annika Sorenstam
Since the inaugural WGD in 2016, the event has grown exponentially from 485 locations in 28 countries to 711 locations in 46 countries last year. 2017 also saw WGD’s primary hashtag #WomensGolfDay receive more than 15 million global impressions to nearly 10 million users across Twitter and Instagram.

“Women love to share their interests with their friends and family which is why we are encouraging existing golfers to encourage their Clubs to get involved. The feedback we receive from participating facilities is really positive because Women’s Golf Day gives them the tools to reach potential new female golfers in a really effective way,” explains WGD Founder Elisa Gaudet.

Golf courses and facilities signing up for the 2018 event before 31st March will be entitled to an early bird offer of $79.00.  All participating venues will have a dedicated event webpage on the WGD website where they can manage and promote their event. In addition they will have access to specially designed marketing material, banners and posters to help promote the event.

"In my 37 years in the golf industry, I have seen very few initiatives so effectively generate interest and enthusiasm among women and girls as Women’s Golf Day has these past two years,” says Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation. “It has rapidly become a global movement, where women are coming together, not only to take up our sport, but to network and enjoy the social benefits associated with our game.”

WGD looks forward to welcoming even more golf clubs and facilities to celebrate women and girls’ golf and make 2018 the best yet! Come and join us!

To register to host a Women’s Golf Day event visit

To learn more about Women’s Golf Day and its upcoming event on Tuesday June 5, 2018 visit @womensgolfday, #WomensGolfDay.

Golf Gear Trusted by the Pros, Used at LPGA Kia Classic

(RELEASE) - The top female golfers are in Carlsbad, Calif., this week for the Kia Classic Golf Tournament, competing for $1.8 million in prize money. All golfers know that gear is essential to stay focused on the game. That's why more than 100 pro golfers, including LPGA pros such as Cristie Kerr, Michelle Wie, Na Yeon Choi, Brooke Pancake, Gaby Lopez and more, trust Vessel golf bags to protect their gear.

Each bag is handcrafted with superior quality and unparalleled performance. Plus, with thousands of variations between their seven golf bag styles, eight materials and 23 colorways you can create a unique bag highlighting your style, brand or sponsorship. You can turn to Vessel for all your golf accessories too, including head covers, shoe bags, stylish belts and more to fit your game.

Some of the unique features found in Vessel golf bags include:
- Range Finder Pocket - Quick and easy range finder pocket with velour lined
- Patented Rotator Stand - For maximum stability
- Premium Microfiber Leather - Lightweight and smooth, scratch-resistant leather for easy to clean for maximum durability while in use
- Attention to detail and craftsmanship - Each Vessel product is made with the same attention to quality and detail regardless of the player

Vessel's flagship store at Westfield UTC in La Jolla, California is now open where you can touch and select your bag in person. See for yourself how each bag is handcrafted to perfection.

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Billy Casper Golf Selected to Manage The Town of Wallkill Golf Club

(RESTON, VA) – Billy Casper Golf (BCG) – the highly respected and innovative manager of golf courses, country clubs and resorts – has been selected to operate The Town of Wallkill Golf Club located in Orange County New York, about one hour north of New York City and just south of the Catskill Mountains.

For the daily-fee course, BCG will turnkey clubhouse operations, golf course maintenance, marketing and sales, staffing and training, merchandising, golf instruction and financial management.

Other BCG-managed courses in New York include Pine Ridge Golf Club (Coram), Hudson Hills Golf Course (Ossining) and Seven Oaks Golf Club at Colgate University (Hamilton).

“Billy Casper Golf’s resources overall and sophistication in digital marketing specifically will help grow the club’s market presence and attract new golfers,” says Edward Diana, Town Supervisor of The Town of Wallkill.  “With keen attention to detail, it is also expert in enhancing golf course conditions and other areas on the property.”

“Wallkill Golf Club boasts one of the finest layouts in the breathtaking beauty of New York’s Hudson Valley,” says Peter Hill, Chairman and CEO of BCG.  “Benefitting from an excellent course footprint, professionalizing the operation is our job No. 1.”

Built in 1991, Wallkill’s popular 18-hole, par 72, 6,740-yard golf course was designed by esteemed landscape architect Steve Esposito.  Rated four stars by Golf Digest, it has hosted several Metropolitan Golf Association qualifying tournaments in addition to its own annual Club Championship.  Stretching over endless serene, rural land, the layout is full of twists and turns, utilizing rolling terrain, water expanses and innumerable trees to create fun and challenging golf experiences for all handicappers. A gorgeous lagoon and lush wooded ridges with hemlock, oak and shagbark hickory make golfers feel stress-free in isolation on most holes.

A driving range nestled in gorgeous woodland, fully-stocked clubhouse and restaurant for pre- and post-round meals round out the amenities.

More information:, 845.361.1022, ext. 2.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Forest Dunes – The Loop: Reversible Course Swings into 2018 with New “Dual” Golf Experience Events

Tom Doak’s innovative design has captivated the golf and architecture industry

(Roscommon, MI) – When renowned golf course architect Tom Doak set out to create a unique design that would impress Forest Dunes owner Lew Thompson, he wasn’t sure if his dream of creating an 18-hole reversible golf course would be what Thompson wanted.

Thompson recalled the moment during a meeting in 2015 when Doak unveiled routings for two different golf courses.

“Tom asked me, ‘what if we build two golf courses?’

“I said Tom, let’s just build one and see how it goes before we build two.

“Then Tom said ‘what if I build you two for the price of one? Are you familiar with how golf got started at St Andrews? One day you would play it this way, and the next day you would play it that way.’”

Thompson said Doak then picked up another map and unrolled it next to the first one.

“He said ‘these are the same golf course,” Thompson said. “I can build you two for the price of one, and you will have, to my knowledge, the only 18-hole, 18-green, reversible golf course in the world.’”

Thompson was impressed especially when Doak indicated he had spent 30 years on the dream idea and drawings.

“All I needed was the right piece of property to do it,” Doak told him. “There are very few places that this could be done, and it can be done here.”

The Loop opened in 2017 to rave reviews across the industry. Golf Digest named it the Best New Public Course, and GOLF Magazine named it the Best New U.S. Course You Can Play.

Ron Whitten, Golf Digest’s Architecture Editor, wrote that the new 18-holes functioned as 36.

“Without ever posing the sensation of playing the wrong way down a fairway,” he reported.

The Loop, with its revolutionary reversible design, is a walking-only experience featuring the option of professional caddies. The two different layouts, Black-clockwise and Red-counter clockwise, alternate directions on a daily basis

GOLF Magazine praised the design by comparing it to a hit song with “one heckuva hook.”

Golfweek’s Brad Klein said: “It’s worth the journey, even if you have to spend an extra day to figure it out. One trip around each layout isn’t enough.”

A one-of-a-kind golf event where you can play a course forwards and backwards on the same-day. Really!

In 2018 golfers will get the unique opportunity to make a trip around The Loop in both directions on the same day. At Forest Dunes the special event days will be called “The Dual.”

With the Loop’s normal rotation of alternating routings on a daily basis (Red on even dates and Black on odd dates in 2018) there are three months (May, July, August) with 31-days where the even/odd schedule does not work. In essence the calendar has created an opportunity for Forest Dunes to create a special event on the 31st day of each of those months.

The Dual days will feature a two-person best-ball team event, where golfers play one direction (course) in the morning, then play the other direction (course) in the afternoon for a 36-hole one-day experience.

The three one-day events are open to all levels of players with a registered GHIN handicap and will award both Net and Gross champions. Lunch and dinner are included at a cost of between $225 and $275 per person. Visit for more information.

“The most popular question or thought among golfers after playing it in one direction, is ‘what is it like going the other way?’’ General Manager/PGA Director of Golf Chad Maveus said. “The Dual, playing both courses/directions in the same day, will be true bucket list golf. We have done it and I can honestly say there is nothing like this experience for golfers anywhere.”

Experience a most unique stay and play package with the Loop at Forest Dunes
Golfers building a stay-and-play golf package at Forest Dunes can experience a 54-hole package unlike any other with The Loop and Forest Dunes courses. Simply combine a lodging rate with the golf rates. Lodging options include the Lake AuSable Lodge, golf cottages, or the new golf villas. Rates can range depending on the time of the season from $59 to $149 per person. Golf rates on the original Forest Dunes course and The Loop course, depending on the time of season, range from $85 to $160.

In addition, Forest Dunes is providing a tribute rate during the summer months on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays on both courses for $85 for ladies, military and first responders as well as qualifying seniors age 55-and-over.

For more information and to book a stay and play package, click on

For more visit or follow them on Twitter @forestdunesgolf.

CHASE54 Introduces its Luxe in Motion Spring 2018 Collection

(New York, New York) – CHASE54 – a golf and lifestyle apparel brand named for the pursuit of the perfect score in golf – announces the launch of its Luxe in Motion spring 2018 collection. Offering a balanced range of lifestyle and performance pieces, the Luxe in Motion collection blends luxurious style with inspiring movement types, such as speed, athletics and fluid movement of nature.

Featuring two groupings in the men’s line and three in the women’s, the Luxe in Motion collection boasts the new CoolFuze cooling fabric technology and is rounded out by the brand’s ever-evolving Elements athleisure range that can be mixed and matched into each grouping.

"As a company, we are always moving, changing and evolving, and we want our apparel to do the same,” says Lulu Faddis, CHASE54 Designer and Creative Director. “Luxe in Motion offers the style and performance for golfers to live out their pursuits focusing on what’s important and feeling comfortable and confident while doing so.”

The men's groups include the Digital Blur range highlighted by the chic Hacked jacquard camo print polo, while Urban Athlete is inspired by the active golfer with an emphasis on performance and bold colors.

The Liquid Opulence ladies line fuses beauty with cutting-edge designs and ornate details, giving all the pieces a luxurious look and feel. With shades of dappled waters and undersea textures, the Aqua Luxe group captures the bioluminescent colors of the sea. Additionally Rock the Boat embraces nautical patterns and classic, retro detailing that works well on and off the course.

For more information, contact CHASE54 Marketing Coordinator, Keely Pemberton: 970-302-8110.

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