Friday, March 23, 2018

Florida Institute of Performance Expands to The Leadbetter Golf Academy

(PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida) – Florida Institute of Performance (, a sports performance training center offering customized training programs for athletes, announces the addition of its new location: The Leadbetter Golf Academy World Headquarters, in ChampionsGate, Fla., just outside Orlando. Florida Institute of Performance, known for its highly-educated staff and science-based athletic development programs, now offers training sessions at its original Palm Beach Gardens facility as well as at the Omni® ChampionsGate Resort and golf facility at ChampionsGate Golf Resort.

“We are pleased to announce our second location, serving not only Florida athletes, but also those from around the country and the world who seek the finest training programs to support and enhance their goals,” said David Donatucci, M.Ed C.S.C.S., owner of Florida Institute of Performance. “We welcome golfers across the spectrum, from those with little physical training experience to those who seek to fine-tune and customize their workout plans and their next level of success – from first-time golfers to tour players.”

Florida Institute of Performance’s training programs are designed to get golfers moving better, playing longer and staying healthier. By identifying weaknesses and prescribing exercises to correct and strengthen them, creating swing consistency, the Institute has as its goal to increase strength, power, speed, stability and movement efficiency throughout a golfer’s swing while preventing injury. Florida Institute of Performance training programs are being incorporated into The David Leadbetter Golf Schools and Academies, including the new junior academy.

Those interested in scheduling an appointment at either location should call 561-252-6050, or see or

Get Shafted - Finding the Right Shaft for Your Game

(Willowbrook, IL) - Think you know a lot about golf shafts? Think again! Did you know there are no standards for shaft flex?    It can mean something different for every manufacturer. Playability tolerances in each category of stiff or regular are vast! To understand this better, I spoke with several shaft industry leaders: Fujikura’s Sales Manager Chad Embrey; Victor Afable, CEO of VA Composites; Gawain Robertson, Owner of ACCRA Shafts; and Nick Sherburne, co-founder of Club Champion.

Club Champion is the #1 premium club fitter, builder and retailer of the best brands in golf. Their master fitters and builders are unrivaled experts whose approach is unbiased, where no specific vendor is promoted. The only goal is to find the best combination of components to lower your scores. Club Champion offers over 35,000 hittable shaft and head combinations, making Sherburne an expert on this topic.

“The industry taught us the club head is the engine of the golf club because that’s “what hits the ball”, but the shaft is far more important.” Sherburne says. “With thousands of shaft options and no industry ‘flex’ standards, it’s nearly impossible for golfers to find the shaft that performs best for them without professional help. It’s important to find a skilled fitter with a launch monitor to find the right shaft to maximize your performance.”

According to Robertson, “terms like stiff or regular flex are so generalized, they essentially mean nothing.  Different sections of the shaft can be totally different flexes.” Manufacturers design shafts for three different sections; 1) butt (the grip end), 2) midsection and 3) tip sections. They can produce shafts that are soft in the middle, stiff at the tip, and medium in the butt or any combination imaginable.  Robertson adds, “Club fitters understand the profiles of shafts. If a player needs something with a softer tip section and a stiffer butt section, they know which shaft has that profile. Club Champion’s understanding of how to fit golfers is an integral part of any club being successful in a player’s hands. “

Embrey adds, “Flex specifications are impacted by torque - a misunderstood shaft specification.  Many golfers believe lower torque means better shafts, which is not necessarily true.  Seasoned fitters will often choose a higher torque shaft for smoother, slower swingers to help get the ball up in the air faster and create spin. Lower torque is better for players that swing aggressively.”

Afable believes custom fitting is very important. “Shafts with various weights and flexes react differently to individual heads. Some retail stores sell shafts off a wall. The problem is they may or may not be the right shaft for you. Furthermore, the builder who installs the shaft may not know how to trim it correctly which is where things can go wrong. It is essential to find a highly skilled fitter, like Club Champion, who understands the difference and are trained to properly fit and install shafts.”

There is an enormous difference between club manufacturers’ stock shafts and higher-end, aftermarket models Tour professionals play. Typically, cheaper shafts are made from lower grade materials. They’re manufactured in larger quantities in places like Mexico and Vietnam, which often means watered down tolerances.  Exotic materials from Japan maintain very tight tolerances, not only for weight or flex, but straightness and roundness of the shaft. When a shaft is not rolled or manufactured properly, there will be gaps within the layers of graphite, which can really affect performance. Embrey adds, “Mostly, OEM shafts do what they're intended to do, but they're not designed to dial players in.”

Club Champion uses a unique coupling system allowing golfers to hit any combination of heads and shafts. They find combinations that solve a golfer’s problems. Most fitters use club carts provided by club manufacturers, however, they are unable to mix-and-match across carts to determine the ideal combination.  Club Champion offers hundreds of shafts, many not available through most other fitters and retailers.

Sherburne believes golfers should start thinking about what value they put a on their golf game. “Sometimes people come in and say they’ll just get something off the shelf because spending $500 to get an extra 20 yards isn’t worth it. That 20 extra yards is two less clubs into the green? Hitting pitching wedge instead of 8-iron, you’re going to hit more greens. I can almost guarantee that 20 yards is going to knock two strokes off your handicap.”

Club Champion delivers a Tour-quality fitting producing longer, more accurate shots with a nearly 100% satisfaction rate. Whether looking to buy new clubs or just fix your current set, a premium club fitting is the answer. Many assume that premium fitting is only for great golfers, but a 2017 Golf Magazine fitting study found that high handicappers improved even more dramatically. With 31 studios across the country and seven more coming in the next three months, Club Champion is ready to improve your game. Don’t just buy clubs, buy guaranteed improvement.

For more information visit

Help Women's Golf Day Achieve Record Breaking Ambitions

As location registration opens for the 3rd annual event on June 5th golfers across the world are encouraged to get their venues involved

(RELEASE) - Women’s Golf Day (WGD), the hugely popular global celebration of women and girls in golf, is returning for 2018.  With the support of golfers across the globe it is set to be the most successful event ever.  This year WGD is calling on male and female golfers worldwide to encourage the venues where they play to get involved, host an event and share the game we all love.

WGD is a one day event that uses a combination of golf and socialising to introduce women and girls to the game of golf and encourages existing golfers to tee it up in a fun and highly inclusive environment. The 2018 event, which will take place on June 5th, was launched at a press conference at the PGA Show in Orlando by Annika Sörenstam and aims to engage more women and girls in the game than ever before.

Elisa Gaudet and Annika Sorenstam
Since the inaugural WGD in 2016, the event has grown exponentially from 485 locations in 28 countries to 711 locations in 46 countries last year. 2017 also saw WGD’s primary hashtag #WomensGolfDay receive more than 15 million global impressions to nearly 10 million users across Twitter and Instagram.

“Women love to share their interests with their friends and family which is why we are encouraging existing golfers to encourage their Clubs to get involved. The feedback we receive from participating facilities is really positive because Women’s Golf Day gives them the tools to reach potential new female golfers in a really effective way,” explains WGD Founder Elisa Gaudet.

Golf courses and facilities signing up for the 2018 event before 31st March will be entitled to an early bird offer of $79.00.  All participating venues will have a dedicated event webpage on the WGD website where they can manage and promote their event. In addition they will have access to specially designed marketing material, banners and posters to help promote the event.

"In my 37 years in the golf industry, I have seen very few initiatives so effectively generate interest and enthusiasm among women and girls as Women’s Golf Day has these past two years,” says Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation. “It has rapidly become a global movement, where women are coming together, not only to take up our sport, but to network and enjoy the social benefits associated with our game.”

WGD looks forward to welcoming even more golf clubs and facilities to celebrate women and girls’ golf and make 2018 the best yet! Come and join us!

To register to host a Women’s Golf Day event visit

To learn more about Women’s Golf Day and its upcoming event on Tuesday June 5, 2018 visit @womensgolfday, #WomensGolfDay.

Golf Gear Trusted by the Pros, Used at LPGA Kia Classic

(RELEASE) - The top female golfers are in Carlsbad, Calif., this week for the Kia Classic Golf Tournament, competing for $1.8 million in prize money. All golfers know that gear is essential to stay focused on the game. That's why more than 100 pro golfers, including LPGA pros such as Cristie Kerr, Michelle Wie, Na Yeon Choi, Brooke Pancake, Gaby Lopez and more, trust Vessel golf bags to protect their gear.

Each bag is handcrafted with superior quality and unparalleled performance. Plus, with thousands of variations between their seven golf bag styles, eight materials and 23 colorways you can create a unique bag highlighting your style, brand or sponsorship. You can turn to Vessel for all your golf accessories too, including head covers, shoe bags, stylish belts and more to fit your game.

Some of the unique features found in Vessel golf bags include:
- Range Finder Pocket - Quick and easy range finder pocket with velour lined
- Patented Rotator Stand - For maximum stability
- Premium Microfiber Leather - Lightweight and smooth, scratch-resistant leather for easy to clean for maximum durability while in use
- Attention to detail and craftsmanship - Each Vessel product is made with the same attention to quality and detail regardless of the player

Vessel's flagship store at Westfield UTC in La Jolla, California is now open where you can touch and select your bag in person. See for yourself how each bag is handcrafted to perfection.

For more information on Vessel, visit

Billy Casper Golf Selected to Manage The Town of Wallkill Golf Club

(RESTON, VA) – Billy Casper Golf (BCG) – the highly respected and innovative manager of golf courses, country clubs and resorts – has been selected to operate The Town of Wallkill Golf Club located in Orange County New York, about one hour north of New York City and just south of the Catskill Mountains.

For the daily-fee course, BCG will turnkey clubhouse operations, golf course maintenance, marketing and sales, staffing and training, merchandising, golf instruction and financial management.

Other BCG-managed courses in New York include Pine Ridge Golf Club (Coram), Hudson Hills Golf Course (Ossining) and Seven Oaks Golf Club at Colgate University (Hamilton).

“Billy Casper Golf’s resources overall and sophistication in digital marketing specifically will help grow the club’s market presence and attract new golfers,” says Edward Diana, Town Supervisor of The Town of Wallkill.  “With keen attention to detail, it is also expert in enhancing golf course conditions and other areas on the property.”

“Wallkill Golf Club boasts one of the finest layouts in the breathtaking beauty of New York’s Hudson Valley,” says Peter Hill, Chairman and CEO of BCG.  “Benefitting from an excellent course footprint, professionalizing the operation is our job No. 1.”

Built in 1991, Wallkill’s popular 18-hole, par 72, 6,740-yard golf course was designed by esteemed landscape architect Steve Esposito.  Rated four stars by Golf Digest, it has hosted several Metropolitan Golf Association qualifying tournaments in addition to its own annual Club Championship.  Stretching over endless serene, rural land, the layout is full of twists and turns, utilizing rolling terrain, water expanses and innumerable trees to create fun and challenging golf experiences for all handicappers. A gorgeous lagoon and lush wooded ridges with hemlock, oak and shagbark hickory make golfers feel stress-free in isolation on most holes.

A driving range nestled in gorgeous woodland, fully-stocked clubhouse and restaurant for pre- and post-round meals round out the amenities.

More information:, 845.361.1022, ext. 2.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Forest Dunes – The Loop: Reversible Course Swings into 2018 with New “Dual” Golf Experience Events

Tom Doak’s innovative design has captivated the golf and architecture industry

(Roscommon, MI) – When renowned golf course architect Tom Doak set out to create a unique design that would impress Forest Dunes owner Lew Thompson, he wasn’t sure if his dream of creating an 18-hole reversible golf course would be what Thompson wanted.

Thompson recalled the moment during a meeting in 2015 when Doak unveiled routings for two different golf courses.

“Tom asked me, ‘what if we build two golf courses?’

“I said Tom, let’s just build one and see how it goes before we build two.

“Then Tom said ‘what if I build you two for the price of one? Are you familiar with how golf got started at St Andrews? One day you would play it this way, and the next day you would play it that way.’”

Thompson said Doak then picked up another map and unrolled it next to the first one.

“He said ‘these are the same golf course,” Thompson said. “I can build you two for the price of one, and you will have, to my knowledge, the only 18-hole, 18-green, reversible golf course in the world.’”

Thompson was impressed especially when Doak indicated he had spent 30 years on the dream idea and drawings.

“All I needed was the right piece of property to do it,” Doak told him. “There are very few places that this could be done, and it can be done here.”

The Loop opened in 2017 to rave reviews across the industry. Golf Digest named it the Best New Public Course, and GOLF Magazine named it the Best New U.S. Course You Can Play.

Ron Whitten, Golf Digest’s Architecture Editor, wrote that the new 18-holes functioned as 36.

“Without ever posing the sensation of playing the wrong way down a fairway,” he reported.

The Loop, with its revolutionary reversible design, is a walking-only experience featuring the option of professional caddies. The two different layouts, Black-clockwise and Red-counter clockwise, alternate directions on a daily basis

GOLF Magazine praised the design by comparing it to a hit song with “one heckuva hook.”

Golfweek’s Brad Klein said: “It’s worth the journey, even if you have to spend an extra day to figure it out. One trip around each layout isn’t enough.”

A one-of-a-kind golf event where you can play a course forwards and backwards on the same-day. Really!

In 2018 golfers will get the unique opportunity to make a trip around The Loop in both directions on the same day. At Forest Dunes the special event days will be called “The Dual.”

With the Loop’s normal rotation of alternating routings on a daily basis (Red on even dates and Black on odd dates in 2018) there are three months (May, July, August) with 31-days where the even/odd schedule does not work. In essence the calendar has created an opportunity for Forest Dunes to create a special event on the 31st day of each of those months.

The Dual days will feature a two-person best-ball team event, where golfers play one direction (course) in the morning, then play the other direction (course) in the afternoon for a 36-hole one-day experience.

The three one-day events are open to all levels of players with a registered GHIN handicap and will award both Net and Gross champions. Lunch and dinner are included at a cost of between $225 and $275 per person. Visit for more information.

“The most popular question or thought among golfers after playing it in one direction, is ‘what is it like going the other way?’’ General Manager/PGA Director of Golf Chad Maveus said. “The Dual, playing both courses/directions in the same day, will be true bucket list golf. We have done it and I can honestly say there is nothing like this experience for golfers anywhere.”

Experience a most unique stay and play package with the Loop at Forest Dunes
Golfers building a stay-and-play golf package at Forest Dunes can experience a 54-hole package unlike any other with The Loop and Forest Dunes courses. Simply combine a lodging rate with the golf rates. Lodging options include the Lake AuSable Lodge, golf cottages, or the new golf villas. Rates can range depending on the time of the season from $59 to $149 per person. Golf rates on the original Forest Dunes course and The Loop course, depending on the time of season, range from $85 to $160.

In addition, Forest Dunes is providing a tribute rate during the summer months on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays on both courses for $85 for ladies, military and first responders as well as qualifying seniors age 55-and-over.

For more information and to book a stay and play package, click on

For more visit or follow them on Twitter @forestdunesgolf.

CHASE54 Introduces its Luxe in Motion Spring 2018 Collection

(New York, New York) – CHASE54 – a golf and lifestyle apparel brand named for the pursuit of the perfect score in golf – announces the launch of its Luxe in Motion spring 2018 collection. Offering a balanced range of lifestyle and performance pieces, the Luxe in Motion collection blends luxurious style with inspiring movement types, such as speed, athletics and fluid movement of nature.

Featuring two groupings in the men’s line and three in the women’s, the Luxe in Motion collection boasts the new CoolFuze cooling fabric technology and is rounded out by the brand’s ever-evolving Elements athleisure range that can be mixed and matched into each grouping.

"As a company, we are always moving, changing and evolving, and we want our apparel to do the same,” says Lulu Faddis, CHASE54 Designer and Creative Director. “Luxe in Motion offers the style and performance for golfers to live out their pursuits focusing on what’s important and feeling comfortable and confident while doing so.”

The men's groups include the Digital Blur range highlighted by the chic Hacked jacquard camo print polo, while Urban Athlete is inspired by the active golfer with an emphasis on performance and bold colors.

The Liquid Opulence ladies line fuses beauty with cutting-edge designs and ornate details, giving all the pieces a luxurious look and feel. With shades of dappled waters and undersea textures, the Aqua Luxe group captures the bioluminescent colors of the sea. Additionally Rock the Boat embraces nautical patterns and classic, retro detailing that works well on and off the course.

For more information, contact CHASE54 Marketing Coordinator, Keely Pemberton: 970-302-8110.

To learn more about the brand, visit

GolfTalk Live Celebrates 12th Anniversary

(Philadelphia, Pa.) - The award-winning GolfTalk Live radio show, a national award-winner for each of the last 10 years, celebrates its 12th anniversary on the air today. Three of those years it was voted No. 1 Golf Radio Show in America by the International Network of Golf.

GolfTalk Live debuted in March of 2006 on WNTP, Philadelphia's Newstalk 990-AM, a 50,000-watt station that previously was dedicated primarily to newstalk programing. The launch was a bold step, in that the format differed from most sports radio shows which depended on call-in programing.

From its inception, GolfTalk Live was a 52-week, 100-percent interview-driven show, unique in the world of golf radio at that time. Show host Tony Leodora was dedicated to providing golfers with all the latest golf destination information, instruction, interesting golf stories and news from around professional and amateur golf, including interviews with people from all facets of the golf world.

In addition to WNTP, the show's flagship station, GolfTalk Live began syndication in 2012 with WOND 1400-AM in South Jersey, the only station that gives high-season weekend traffic reports at the Jersey Shore. In 2018 syndication took a big step forward when GolfTalk Live announced the addition of its first FM radio station. WNPV 1440-AM and 98.5-FM joined the list of syndicated stations featuring the GolfTalk Live radio show. The Lansdale (Pa.) based station airs in Bucks County, Montgomery County and the Lehigh Valley. WNPV is a family-owned talk radio station that has been serving the community for 58 years.

Also, in 2014, a significant expansion took place through internet broadcasting. GolfTalk Live joined with the fast-growing Golf Director Network, which now hosts all of the shows. Through the network,, GolfTalk Live now reaches across the United States and to 145 foreign countries.

"The growth of the show has been phenomenal and we owe it to the great people with whom we work, the interesting personalities we interview and the spectacular venues we visit," said Leodora, who has logged many miles in order to broadcast the show.

"In the beginning, we thought this would be a show generated from the radio studio each week," he admitted. "We did the first show from the studio and immediately got a call from a golf course that asked if we could do the show from their location the next week. Since then we have done the show on location every week for the last 12 years, except for one week when we were limited by a huge snowstorm and the annual Producer's Revenge show that his hosted by our producers at the WNTP studio."

Over the years, GolfTalk Live has broadcast from locations in 19 different states, plus Puerto Rico. The show also broadcasted from seven foreign countries - Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, St. Kitts, Jamaica, the Bahamas and Scotland.

Regular annual highlights of GolfTalk Live include extended coverage from the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, the weekly summer shows from the many golf courses at the Jersey Shore and the annual package known as the Myrtle Beach Report, which includes reviews of many courses and shows at the start and the end of the world's largest golf tournament - The Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship.

Sponsorship of GolfTalk Live has been an interesting mix of golf and non-golf companies. Presenting Sponsors Norris Sales Company and Yuengling Brewery are joined by returning sponsors Westover GC, Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday, Kutztown Auto, Black Cat Cigars, Destination Montco Golf, Mainland GC, Bella Vista GC, Morgan Hill GC, Antigua, Raven's Claw GC, Play-a-Round Golf, Sheraton Atlantic City, eRose Web and the newest sponsor - the LPGA's Symetra Tour event at Raven's Claw GC, the Valley Forge Invitational.

"It's hard to believe the network of great people and sponsors that has developed from this show," said Leodora. "And it's even harder to believe that 12 years has passed so quickly. I guess time flies when you are having fun ... and we are having more and more fun on the show, as we now begin our 13th season."

GolfTalk Live also can be heard any time following each show on its official website,

For more information about the GolfTalk Live radio show, contact TL Golf Services at 610-279-9220 or go to the website at

Positive Reviews Continue from Media, Instructors for Knuth Golf’s High Heat 257+ Metalwoods

(BONITA, CA) – Rave reviews continue to flow for Knuth Golf’s breakthrough 3-Trampoline technology that is in all of its new High Heat 257+ metalwoods, introduced at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show.

As a result of this technology, High Heat 257+ is the only brand that offers more trampoline effect in the large toe and heel areas than the center of the face.

“What felt like a slight toe hit resulted in a powerful mini-fade that rolled out nearly to the range’s border fence some 280 yards distant,” said Golf Tips editor Vic Williams after testing the High Heat 257+. “With the High Heat driver, strikes that were once disappointing are now exhilarating, time after time.”

The new High Heat 257+ 3-Trampoline technology results from a USGA rules change two years ago, and was believed to be impossible to achieve, confirmed by the fact that no brand had accomplished it in that span until now. The 2016 CT rule (Characteristic Time—trampoline effect) regulates the amount of tidriver face no image v1me that a ball stays on the face of the club in microseconds, which controls how “hot” a clubface can be.  With this change the USGA permitted a golf face to be much hotter with a CT above 257 and up to 275, but only in the large toe and heel areas.

Award-winning designer Dean Knuth figured out a way to incorporate the now-conforming extra trampoline effect into the toe and heel of the already successful and popular line of High Heat metalwoods. The end result with High Heat’s new technology is that there is a significant increase in ball speed on toe or heel hits in the large area where the CT can be as high as 275, translating to more distance.

In its review of High Heat 257+, the Robb Report offered amateur golfers of all skill levels a piece of advice.

“Never heard of Knuth Golf and its High Heat 257+? It’s your loss—in both distance and accuracy. Dean Knuth, who worked at the USGA on the handicap and slope systems, now brings the same scientific rigor to club design. His new metalwoods take advantage of a little-understood Rules change that lets clubs be hotter toward the heel and toe, where most of us actually make contact. The results are impressive, with many golfers finding their mishits going farther than their typical center strikes.”

In his review of the High Heat 257+, Golf Writer Tony Dear pulled no punches: “Another High Heat driver torches the competition.”

High Heat’ 257+’s novel 3-trampoline technology has also been positively received by noted golf instructors.

“On average amateur golfers hit their driver and metalwoods on the toe or heel approximately 50 percent of the time. That is why High Heat 257+ 3-trampoline technology is such a game changer for amateur golfers.” – Kay McMahon, LPGA Hall of Fame instructor, Golf Digest’s 50 Best Women Teachers In America.

“When hitting High Heat’s 257+ clubs, the distance was now the same in the toe and heel as it is in the center of the face. Amazing.” — Sue Kaffenburgh, New England PGA and Northeast LPGA Teacher of the Year

Golf Tips editor Vic Williams sums it up best.

“Most amateur golfers consistently hit the toe and heel areas where the CT has been low and lose 20-30 yards,” he said. “But not with High Heat 257+. With the High Heat 257+ driver, my strikes on the heel and toe that were once disappointing are now exhilarating. So what should amateurs do? Buy High Heat 257+.”

Only a very few golfers on the planet can consistently hit a driver, fairway metal or hybrid square on the center of the face all the time,” he said. “So what’s a toe- and heel-hitting amateur to do? Grab the new High Heat driver from Knuth Golf, that's what.”

High Heat has taken the golf industry by storm since entering the market in 2015 with a simple but crucial mission – design clubs specifically for amateurs instead of Tour pros, so they can optimize their performance and increase their enjoyment of the game. The High Heat driver, fairway woods and hybrids, featuring lower and deeper center of gravity, have all been named in numerous media “best products lists.” Customers rave about increased performance and lower scores with High Heat in their bag.

Now, with 257+, High Heat again beats the major brands to the punch. “The new technology adds extra trampoline effect permitted by new USGA rules, with players obtaining 20 yards more on toe and heel hits.” – Golf Central Magazine.

High Heat 257+ drivers and fairway woods will be available for delivery in late April 2018, and hybrids in June.

For more information on Knuth Golf, visit or call 410-353-0446.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

JumboMax Team Member Bryson DeChambeau Places Second Arnold Palmer Invitational

(JUPITER, FL) - JumboMax Grips announced that Tour Staff Professional, Bryson DeChambeau, captured a second-place finish on the PGA TOUR this past weekend at the Arnold Palmer Invitational held at Bay Hill Club and Lodge in Orlando, Florida.

DeChambeau fired rounds of 67, 66, 72 and 68 to finish at 15 under par for a 2nd Place Finish. He recorded 21 Birdies, ranked T-4th in Total Birdies, 1st in Strokes Gained Tee to Green and 2nd in Driving Distance for the tournament.

This runner-up finish earned him a paycheck of $961,200.00 and 300 FedEx Cup Points. He's currently ranked 19th on the FedEx Cup Points List and 61st in the Official World Golf Rankings with earnings of$1,715,587 for the 2017-2018 season. This is Bryson's 2nd Top 5 and 3rd Top 10 in just 10 starts this season.

DeChambeau has been playing JumboMax Grips for over 6 years now and he's as well known for his accomplishments on the golf course as he is for his unorthodox set of irons that are all the same length. DeChambeau plays the new Tour Series Grips from JumboMax that he personally helped develop.

In 2017, JumboMax collected a victory and two 2nd Place Finishes on the PGA Tour and JumboMax Team Members, Bryson DeChambeau and Kelly Kraft had combined earnings in excess of $3 Million Dollars.

For more information about JumboMax Golf Grips, visit

Two Special Exemptions Announced For Inaugural 2018 U.S. Senior Women's Open

Jane Blalock and Mary Jane Hiestand to compete at Chicago Golf Club July 12-15

(LIBERTY CORNER, N.J.) - Jane Blalock, a 27-time winner on the LPGA Tour, and Mary Jane Hiestand, the runner-up in the 2017 U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship, have received special exemptions into the inaugural U.S. Senior Women’s Open Championship, which will be conducted July 12-15, 2018, at Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton, Ill.

Blalock, 72, was the 1969 LPGA Tour Rookie of the Year before amassing her 27 LPGA victories, which ties her for 19th on the all-time list.

“I had major goosebumps when I received the call,” said Blalock, a native of Portsmouth, N.H. “This is a historic event of mammoth proportions, so to have the chance to participate in this championship is so significant on many fronts. [Senior women] now have the chance to compete on golf’s most prominent stage. And those of us who did not win a U.S. Open will now have another chance.”

Hiestand, 58, an amateur golfer from Naples, Fla., finished second to Kelsey Chugg in the 31st U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur last November at Champions Golf Club in Houston, Texas. She has competed in 43 USGA championships, including a semifinal finish in the 2013 U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur Championship at CordeValle in San Martin, Calif.

“I’m just so excited,” said Hiestand, a Michigan native and a member of that state’s Golf Hall of Fame. “As soon as I heard four years ago that this championship was happening, I’ve been looking forward to it. And to not have to go through qualifying, it takes one variable out. It’s really the icing on the cake. I think this will be another huge stride for senior women’s golf.”

The inaugural U.S. Senior Women’s Open is open to any female professional or amateur golfer who is 50 years of age as of July 12 and has a Handicap Index not exceeding 7.4. The field will include 120 players, who will earn entry in the championship via sectional qualifying at sites nationwide or through an exemption category. Entries opened on March 7 and close at 5 p.m. EDT on May 23.

To learn more, visit

Westchester Country Club to Host 2021 U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

Championship will return to the New York course for the first time since 1923

(LIBERTY CORNER N.J.) - Westchester Country Club in Rye, N.Y., has been selected by the USGA as the host site for the 121st U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship, which will be contested Aug. 2-8, 2021 on the club’s West Course.

Three-time U.S. Amateur champion Walter J. Travis laid out two 18-hole courses at Westchester Country Club, just 30 miles outside New York City, that opened in 1922. The courses were built by the Philadelphia-based architectural firm of Toomey and Flynn, which also constructed the modern course at Shinnecock Hills that opened in 1931 and will host the 118th U.S. Open in June. Westchester previously hosted the 1923 U.S. Women’s Amateur, won by Edith Cummings.

“The USGA is thrilled to bring the U.S. Women’s Amateur to Westchester Country Club for the second time,” said Stuart Francis, USGA Championship Committee chairman. “One of the USGA’s three oldest championships, the Women’s Amateur consistently identifies the world’s top female players, and we are confident Westchester will provide the ultimate test for the championship’s 121st playing.”

Westchester’s West Course has hosted many professional golf events, including a PGA Tour event from 1967 through 2007, as well as the 2011 Constellation Energy Senior Players Championship (won by Fred Couples), and the 2015 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship (won by Inbee Park). The club also features the 18-hole South Course and a nine-hole executive course.

“We are proud and excited to again host the world’s best female amateur competitors here at Westchester and to work with the USGA, which always puts on a world-class championship,” said Thomas Pisano, president of Westchester Country Club. “Our membership believes strongly in supporting the amateur game and we look forward to showcasing our course and facility.”

The 2021 U.S. Women’s Amateur will be the 74th USGA championship held in New York and the first Women’s Amateur in the state since Kristen Gillman defeated Brooke Henderson, 2 up, at Nassau Country Club in 2014.

The U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship was first conducted in 1895 as one of the USGA’s first three championships. It is open to female amateurs who have a Handicap Index® not exceeding 5.4. Notable champions include Juli Inkster, Glenna Collett Vare, Patty Berg, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, JoAnne Gunderson Carner, Carol Semple Thompson, Beth Daniel, Danielle Kang and Lydia Ko.

Sophia Schubert, of Oak Ridge, Tenn., won the 2017 Women’s Amateur at San Diego Country Club in Chula Vista, Calif. The 2018 championship will be played Aug. 6-12 at The Golf Club of Tennessee in Kingston Springs. The 2019 championship will be played Aug. 5-11 at Old Waverly Golf Club in West Point, Miss., and the 2020 championship will be played Aug. 3-9 at Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Md.

To learn more, visit

Defending Champ, World #1 Johnson Leads Field of 64 at WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play in Austin

NBC Sports Group to Carry Nearly 35 Hours of Live Tournament Coverage, Wednesday-Sunday

(ORLANDO, Fla.) – The PGA TOUR is in Austin for the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play, where World No. 1 Dustin Johnson defends as NBC Sports is set to carry nearly 35 hours of live tournament coverage. The field of 64 is separated into 16 four-man groups competing in round-robin matches Wednesday-Friday, with 16 advancing to single-elimination matches this weekend.

Shanshan Feng and Lexi Thompson lead the field at the Kia Classic in Southern California, as players utilize the event as a final tune-up for next week’s ANA Inspiration: professional golf’s first major in 2018.

The PGA TOUR Champions are in Mississippi for the Rapiscan Systems Classic, where Miguel Angel Jimenez looks to win for the third consecutive year.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is set to make his PGA TOUR debut (on a sponsor’s exemption), playing alongside major champions in the Corales Puntacan Resort & Club Championship in the Dominican Republic.

WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play
Dates: March 21-25
Venue: Austin Country Club, Austin, Texas

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern)
Wednesday 2-8 p.m. (Live) / 9 p.m.-3 a.m. (Replay)
Thursday 2-8 p.m. (Live) / 10:30 p.m.-4:30 a.m. (Replay)
Friday 2-8 p.m. (Live) / 12:30-3:30 a.m. (Saturday replay)
Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (Live) / 10 p.m.-2 a.m. (Replay)
Sunday 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (Live) / 10 p.m.-2 a.m. (Replay)

Tournament Airtimes on NBC (Eastern)
Saturday 2-6 p.m. (Live)
Sunday 3-7 p.m. (Live)

Golf Central Pre and Post Round Coverage on Golf Channel (Eastern):
Wednesday 11 a.m.-2 p.m. / 8-9 p.m. (Live)
Thursday 1:30-2 p.m. (Live) / 8-8:30 p.m. (Live)
Friday 1:30-2 p.m. / 8-8:30 p.m. (Live)
Saturday 9-10 a.m. (Live) / 9-10 p.m.
Sunday 9-10 a.m. (Live) / 9-10 p.m.

Broadcast Notes:
Match play format: The 64-man field has been divided into 16, four-man groups competing amongst one another in a round-robin format Wednesday-Friday, with each player in the field guaranteed to play at least three matches. The player in each group with the most points (1 point for a win, ½ point for a halved match) advances to single-elimination match play: round of 16 and quarterfinals on Saturday, and the semifinals and final on Sunday. The top-16 seeded players (based on World ranking) are the top seeds in their respective groups, while the remaining 48 players were divided into three groups (17-32, 33-48, 49-64) and placed through a blind draw on Monday night.

NBC Sports showcasing nearly 35 hours of live tournament coverage: Over the course of the tournament (Wednesday-Sunday), NBC Sports will dedicate nearly 35 hours to live tournament coverage.

Johnson defends: World No. 1 Dustin Johnson defeated Jon Rahm 1up in the finals last year to earn his 15th PGA TOUR victory.

Headlining the field: Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Jon Rahm, Jordan Spieth, Hideki Matsuyama, Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia, Jason Day, Tommy Fleetwood and Paul Casey.

Golf Channel/NBC Broadcast Team
- Play by Play: Terry Gannon (Golf Channel) / Dan Hicks (NBC)
- Analyst: Nick Faldo (Golf Channel) / Johnny Miller (NBC)
- Tower: Gary Koch / Peter Jacobsen / David Feherty (Golf Channel) / Steve Sands (Golf Channel) / Jimmy Roberts (Golf Channel)
- On-Course: Roger Maltbie / Notah Begay / Jim “Bones” Mackay / David Feherty (NBC)
- Interviews: Todd Lewis (weekend, Golf Channel) / Steve Sands
- Essays: Jimmy Roberts

Kia Classic
Dates: March 22-25
Venue: Aviara Golf Club, Carlsbad, Calif.

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern)                                
Thursday 8:30-10:30 p.m. (Tape delay) / 7-9 p.m. (Streaming on Golf Channel Digital)
Friday 8:30-10:30 p.m. (Tape delay) / 7-9 p.m. (Streaming on Golf Channel Digital)
Saturday 7-9 p.m. (Live)
Sunday 7-9 p.m. (Live)

Golf Channel Broadcast Team
- Play by Play: Grant Boone
- Analyst: Judy Rankin / Karen Stupples (Thursday)
- Tower: Tom Abbott
- On Course: Jerry Foltz / Karen Stupples (Friday-Sunday)

Broadcast Notes:
“Caddie knows best” with Juli Inkster on Friday: Juli Inkster and her caddie will be featured in “Caddie knows best” during Friday’s second round coverage, where Juli will try to match answers to questions posed to her caddie about her interests and habits on Tour.

Green to be featured in “Rookie Spotlight”: LPGA Tour rookie Hannah Green will be profiled during Friday’s coverage as part of Golf Channel’s “Rookie Spotlight” feature.

Lee defends: Mirim Lee finished six shots clear of the field in 2017 to win her third LPGA Tour win.
Headlining the field: Shanshan Feng, Lexi Thompson, So Yeon Ryu, Ariya Jutanugarn, Anna Nordqvist, I.K. Kim, Inbee Park, Cristie Kerr, Brooke Henderson, Michelle Wie and Lydia Ko.

Rapiscan Systems Classic
Dates: March 23-25
Venue: Fallen Oak, Biloxi, Miss.

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern)                                
Friday 10:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m. (Tape delay) / 4:30-6:30 p.m. (Streaming on Golf Channel Digital)
Saturday 5-7 p.m. (Live)
Sunday 5-7 p.m. (Live)

Golf Channel Broadcast Team
- Play by Play: Bob Papa
- Analyst: Lanny Wadkins
- Tower: John Mahaffey
- On Course: Billy Ray Brown / John Cook

Broadcast Notes:
Round 1 on Friday to look ahead to the Masters: With multiple past Masters champions in the field, Golf Channel’s opening round coverage will include a special focus on the Masters in two weeks. Coverage will include winner picks from the broadcast team, including past major champions Lanny Wadkins and John Mahaffey.

Jimenez defends: Miguel Angel Jimenez defeated Gene Sauers with a birdie on the first playoff hole to defend his 2016 title and earn his fourth PGA TOUR Champions win.

Headlining the field: Bernhard Langer, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Colin Montgomerie, Vijay Singh, Tom Lehman, Steve Stricker, Jerry Kelly, Kevin Sutherland and Rocco Mediate.

Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship
Dates: March 22-25
Venue: Corales Golf Club, Punta Cana, Dominic Republic

Tournament Airtimes on Golf Channel (Eastern)                                
Thursday 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. (Live)
Friday 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. (Live)
Saturday 2-5 p.m. (Live)
Sunday 2:30-5 p.m. (Live)

Golf Channel Broadcast Team
- Play by Play: Whit Watson
- Analyst: Curt Byrum
- Tower: Matt Gogel
- On Course: Craig Perks / Kay Cockerill

Broadcast Notes:
New event: Previously staged as a Tour event, this week marks the first time that the PGA TOUR will stage an official event in the Dominican Republic.

Romo making PGA TOUR debut: Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is in the field on a sponsor’s exemption, making his PGA TOUR debut.

Headlining the field: Tony Romo, Jim Furyk, Graeme McDowell, Emiliano Grillo, Davis Love III, John Daly, Paul Dunne, Retief Goosen, K.J. Choi, Mike Weir and Angel Cabrera.

Tiger Woods Named 'Most Dominant' Athlete of Past 20 Years by ESPN the Magazine

(RELEASE) - Industry-leading ESPN The Magazine will celebrate its 20th anniversary this week by highlighting the 20 most dominant athletes of the past two decades. As announced on Sunday’s E:60 on ESPN, Tiger Woods clinched the No. 1 spot, as well as the cover of the Dominant 20 issue.

Senior writer Peter Keating developed a statistical methodology to determine the list of 20 dominant athletes: superstars who have proved to be the best at what they do over the past 20 years. The list is available in The Mag, on newsstands Friday, and on via a unique digital experience. There will be an accompanying piece for each athlete on the list as well as another ranking: the top 20 most dominant single-season teams of the last 20 years.

The Dominant 20 features several pieces from contributing writers including: the intangibles that make Peyton Manning great (by novelist and short-story writer Richard Ford), a fictional letter to Lionel Messi (by award-winning poet Roger Reeves), a poem about Cristiano Ronaldo (by author Natalie Diaz), and a look at Novak Djokovic’s 2011 career-defining forehand winner (by author Nathan Hill).

“For 20 years, ESPN The Magazine has been home to the best sports journalism in the country, whether by elevating significant pieces by giants in the industry or introducing fans to new writers, photographers and artists. We have a team that is equally passionate about sports, storytelling and the kind of intense debate and conversation that takes place among true fans,” said ESPN The Magazine editor-in-chief Alison Overholt. “From the very first issue of The Mag, we proclaimed that we had 'NEXT.' That forward-looking DNA infuses all that we do, and as we navigate an ever-changing media landscape, it continues to be the core of our identity—whether that means ensuring our immersive long reads are great experiences at the ready, on whatever device fans reach for, or whether that means being playful with ideas and formats that drive content for our colleagues on other platforms across ESPN. I’m so proud of this team and of the creative energy that they embody every day. I hope that fans enjoy taking some time to celebrate with us; it has been two decades of dominance, for the Dominant 20 athletes in the pages of this special anniversary issue, and for those of us at ESPN The Magazine who have had the privilege to chronicle their achievements these past 20 years.”

Additionally, the team from E:60 will create a prime time special “ESPN The Magazine: 20 Years” that will air Thursday, March 22, at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN. Hosts Bob Ley and Jeremy Schaap will be joined by Alison Overholt and Peter Keating to count down The Mag’s lists of the 20 most dominant athletes and teams of the past two decades.

Benchmark International Sponsors Valspar Snake Pit 2018

(Tampa, FL) - Once again, Benchmark International had the pleasure of hosting the Snake Pit at the Valspar Championship in 2018. The Valspar Championship is a professional golf tournament that is part of the PGA tour. It is based out of Palm Harbor, FL at the Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club.

This year brought the largest non-masters television audience since 2015. There were more than 30,000 attendees to this year’s event as well. No doubt, Tiger Woods’ participation played a role in the traffic that passed through for this four-day event. His long-anticipated return certainly upped the ante at this year’s event.

The “Snake Pit” is the name given to the final three holes at Innisbrook’s Copperhead course. Hole 16 has been dubbed one the most challenging holes on the PGA Tour. Benchmark International hosted the main event tent, which was located in this area near the green off of hole 17.

The Valspar Championship is an event fostered in its image of giving back through various charities. Copperhead Charities heads the event, and has raised a total of nearly $39 million for local charities over the last 40 years. In 2017, more than $2.4 million were raised thanks to the Valspar Championship event.

Benchmark International’s Managing Director, Dara Shareef, stated, “It was a pleasure to experience what was, by any objective measure, the most ambitious and successful Valspar Championship on record. The crowds, the atmosphere, and the vibe were electric.To play a part in pulling off such an ambitious undertaking is gratifying, and I look forward to next year.”

More information:

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

StrackaLine Scans DuPont Country Club in Advance of U.S. Open Qualifier

Historic Course Will Offer Professional Greens Guides to Players Hoping to Qualify for National Championship

(SAN DIEGO, Calif.) – StrackaLine has scanned DuPont Country Club, providing the famed course the opportunity to offer the company’s acclaimed greens guides to players participating in a U.S. Open Qualifier on May 10.

DuPont CC is no stranger to hosting high level professional golf, having served as the host of the LPGA Championship from 1994 to 2004. StrackaLine sent a state-of-the-art laser scanner to Delaware’s premier course, collecting millions of data points on each green and digitally mapping the putting surfaces down to the millimeter.

“DuPont Country Club, with its storied history and superb layout, is an ideal host for a U.S. Open Qualifier, and we look forward to helping golfers in their attempt to earn in a spot in our national championship,” said Jim Stracka, president of StrackaLine. “Our greens guides are the game’s most detailed and will provide players the confidence of knowing they have the right line as they stand over a putt that could allow them to advance in qualifying.”

StrackaLine’s growing network of courses provides competitive amateurs and recreational golfers with access to the same information PGA Tour players are using to help improve their game.

The data collected is processed by the company’s hydrology software that calculates water drainage flow from the highest points of the green to the lowest, creating golf’s most accurate greens maps.

StrackaLine scans courses for $1,500 and that includes 100 greens guides for resale. The scanning process takes five hours to complete and is unobtrusive to the golfer experience.

StrackaLine’s quality and accuracy have led to widespread adoption on the PGA, LPGA and tours, in addition to their use by more than 300 Division I college teams.

The greens maps, which feature easy to read arrows, allow players to view contour and fall lines, in addition to slope percentage, anywhere on the green.

StrackaLine now has 700+ courses scanned, including some of the nation's most prominent layouts. Use of the greens guides at the highest levels of the game surged throughout 2017, and the company now counts nearly every Division I golf program, including last year’s national champions, among its users.

Professional usage has helped drive interest in the StrackaLine Greens Guides, and the technology is just as valuable to "regular" amateur golfers hoping to improve their score.

For golf course owners and operators, the technology can be used to improve pace of play and help ensure quality course conditions. StrackaLine offers hole location software that allows superintendents to utilize a proprietary algorithm to help set hole locations.

StrackaLine will continue to add to its library of golf courses throughout 2018. It takes just eight minutes to scan and capture an entire green and the StrackaLine team can complete an 18-hole course and practice green in five hours without disrupting play.

For more information on how to order a greens guide or have a course scanned, go to

Karrie Webb Receives Special Exemption into 2018 U.S. Women's Open

2000 and 2001 champion to compete at Shoal Creek

(LIBERTY CORNER, N.J.) - Two-time U.S. Women’s Open champion Karrie Webb, of Australia, has received a special exemption into the 73rd U.S. Women’s Open Championship, which will be conducted May 31-June 3 at Shoal Creek in Alabama.

Webb, 43, won the 2000 U.S. Women’s Open at The Merit Club in Gurnee, Ill., defeating Cristie Kerr and Meg Mallon by five strokes. In 2001, Webb defeated Se Ri Pak by eight strokes at Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club in Southern Pines, N.C., to become the 12th player to win multiple U.S. Women’s Opens.

“As a past champion, I’m very grateful and excited to accept the USGA’s special exemption into this year’s U.S. Women’s Open,” said Webb. “I have always loved competing in the U.S. Women’s Open and being tested on some of the best courses in the country. I’m looking forward to playing in my 23rd consecutive championship and being tested again at Shoal Creek.”

Since her 10-year exemption for her 2001 victory expired following the 2011 U.S. Women’s Open at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs – where she tied for sixth –Webb has earned a place through other exemption categories every year since. Webb’s 22 consecutive Women’s Opens entering this year is the longest active streak. Last year, Webb tied for 44th at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J.

Pak was the last player to receive a special exemption into the U.S. Women’s Open, in 2016 at CordeValle in San Martin, Calif. The two most recent special exemptions before Pak were given to Juli Inkster in 2013 at Sebonack Golf Club in Southampton, N.Y., and Laura Davies in 2009 at Saucon Valley Country Club (Old Course) in Bethlehem, Pa. Davies is the most recent to make the cut, finishing T17. Amy Alcott’s sixth-place finish in 1994 at Indianwood Golf & Country Club in Lake Orion, Mich., is the highest finish for anyone given a special exemption.

Webb’s runaway 2001 win at Pine Needles represented the largest margin of victory in 21 years, since Amy Alcott finished nine strokes ahead of Hollis Stacy in 1980. The record is 14 strokes by Louise Suggs in 1949. Her victory at Pine Needles made Webb the seventh player to win back-to-back Women’s Opens.

“To have a comfortable walk coming up the 18th again is a dream come true,” Webb said after her 2001 victory. “It’s even more special to repeat.”

A 41-time winner on the LPGA Tour and 15-time winner on the Ladies European Tour, Webb will attempt to become the seventh player to win three or more U.S. Women’s Open Championships.

Online entry applications for the 2018 U.S. Women’s Open began on March 7 (, and continue through Wednesday, April 25 at 5 p.m. EDT.

More information about the 73rd U.S. Women’s Open before, during and after the championship is available at, where several flexible ticket options are available for purchase.

StrackaLine Greens Reading System Becomes Newest Sponsor of Traveling Golfer

(PHILADELPHIA, Pa.) - It is no great secret that one of the most important keys to successful putting is confidence in the line of the putt. That is the foundation of the StrackaLine patented technology, which utilizes 3D laser scans to create custom topography maps of putting greens.

As of April 1, StrackaLine is a new sponsor of the award-winning Traveling Golfer television show. In addition, each Traveling Golfer television show will feature the "StrackaLine Putt of the Day," as show host Tony Leodora faces the challenge of one of the more difficult putts on the featured course using the StrackaLine technology. The challenge - avoid the dreaded three-putt ... and maybe even make a few.

The StrackaLine system allows golfers to clearly view contour lines, fall lines and slope percent anywhere on the green. StrackaLine can generate USGA legal "green guides" on demand, to print for tournament play. Features include "the straights" around the day's current hole location.

Bottom line: StrackaLine provides multiple benefits for the pro shop, the superintendent and the golfer. For more information, go to

The StrackaLine commercials will run three times during each Traveling Golfer television show, which airs as a scheduled weekly feature show on NBC Sports and NBC Sports + throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. NBC Sports airings are 10:30 a.m. Sundays and 4:30 p.m. Thursdays. NBC Sports + airs the show at 6 p.m. Mondays and Fridays. In addition, the Traveling Golfer runs throughout each month on the Traveling Golfer network of websites ... including The Golf Director Network (see full list of sites on It also airs on the second Monday of each month as part of the Press Box television show in Myrtle Beach, 5 to 7 p.m. on HTC Ch. 4.

Yuengling Brewery is the Presenting Sponsor of the Traveling Golfer television show. Other annual sponsors are Cadillac and Antigua.

As part of every Traveling Golfer show there is the additional feature, "Tech Talk", hosted by Tour Edge Golf experts, such as President Dave Glod. With years of experience as a club maker, Glod presents an inside look at the research and development of high-quality golf equipment.

Responding to golfers' never-ending demands to learn more about interesting golf courses and golf resorts across the country and around the world, well-traveled host Tony Leodora created the Traveling Golfer so he could take viewers on video trips to some of the most exciting golf locations. The show repeated for an unprecedented third straight year as the No. 1 Golf Television Show in America in the prestigious International Network of Golf Awards, presented at the PGA Merchandise Show in January.

The Traveling Golfer is a series of monthly shows hosted by Leodora, who has 17 years of experience in televised golf. The featured destination stays on the website for one month, before being replaced by a new show. The old shows are archived for continued viewing on the YouTube Network and on the home website,

For more information about the Traveling Golfer, or to find out how your property can be featured on the show, call TL Golf Services at (610) 279-9220.

TecTecTec Announces March Sale on All Laser Rangefinders

Up to 15% Off the Best-Selling Online Models

(Vannes, France) – TecTecTec – maker of technologically-advanced yet affordable laser rangefinders for golf, which are Amazon’s No. 1 category seller – is joining the mayhem of March by kicking off the company’s biggest online sale of the year, just in time to cheer on your favorite team.

A bad bracket doesn’t have to ruin the week for golfers, as all laser rangefinders will be 10% off starting today Monday, March 19 – Tuesday, March 27. Additionally, buyers can save 15% on all golf models from Wednesday, March 28 – Friday, March 30. Customers can also take advantage of TecTecTec’s customary free shipping, a two-year warranty and 30-day full refund guarantee, offered exclusively online through

“We take pride in our high-quality and affordable line of rangefinders and accessories as well as our commitment to our customers,” says Renan Lore, Director of TecTecTec. “Golfers everywhere can get ahead of the game by gearing up early with our seasonal sale.”

TecTecTec offers a variety of cutting-edge models including the popular VPRO500 and VPRO DLX, both of which are available in standard and “S” editions which feature PinSlope Technology to calculate elevation-adjusted distance to the target.

Slated to launch in late summer, TecTecTec is releasing their newest ULT-X golf laser rangefinder model featuring Vibrating FlagSeeker technology and a toggle for quickly disengaging the model’s slope function, allowing for tournament-approved play. Also new to the collection is a protective silicone case, compatible with the VPRO500/S.

All TecTecTec rangefinders are engineered to the highest standards and priced affordably for all budgets. Each model features three unique scanning modes: Pinsensor measures overlapping targets including flagsticks and wooded areas, Target Priority displays distance of the closest subject, and Scan Mode helps read distances to hazards. Precise within one yard, the company’s renowned products have an ultra-clear, multi-layered optical lens for excellent visual clarity and 6x magnification with diopter adjustment.

More information:

NBC Sports' Sunday Coverage of API Highest-Rated Overnight at Event in Six Years

Arnold Palmer Invitational and Valspar Championship Post Two Highest-Rated Final Round PGA TOUR Telecasts (Non-Majors) on Any Broadcast Network since the 2015 Wyndham Championship

(ORLANDO, Fla.) – Record viewership of the PGA TOUR continued this weekend for NBC Sports Group at the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by Mastercard. Sunday’s final-round coverage on NBC (2-6:45 p.m. ET) delivered a 3.6 overnight rating, +136% vs. 2017 and the highest-rated final round at this event in six years. Combined with last week’s final round viewership at the Valspar Championship (5.1 overnight rating) these rank as the two highest-rated final-round PGA TOUR telecasts (non-majors) on any broadcast network since the 2015 Wyndham Championship. Golf Channel’s Sunday final-round lead-in coverage earned a .97 overnight rating, the highest at this event in five years. Across NBC and Golf Channel’s coverage, more than 12 million minutes were streamed, +683% vs. 2017.

· Sunday’s final-round coverage on NBC peaked to a 4.89 from 5:15-5:30 p.m. ET.
· Golf Channel’s lead-in coverage peaked to a 1.24 from 1:30-2 p.m. ET.

Saturday’s third-round coverage earned a 2.29 overnight rating on NBC (2:30-6 p.m. ET), +92% vs. 2017 and the highest-rated at this event in five years. Golf Channel’s lead-in coverage (12:30-2:30 p.m. ET) earned a .95 overnight rating, +126% vs. 2017. Nearly 5.3 million minutes were streamed, +511% vs. 2017.

Friday’s second-round coverage on Golf Channel generated a .81 overnight rating, +153% vs. 2017 and the second highest-rated early round at this event on Golf Channel (2007-2018), just slightly behind the 2012 second round (.84). More the 4.2 million minutes were streamed, +682% vs. 2017.

Final numbers from Golf Channel’s opening-round coverage on Thursday: .42 U.S. HH rating and 593,000 viewers, +56% vs. 2017 and the most-watched opening round at this event since 2011. More than 1.4 million minutes were streamed, +163% vs. 2017.

Four of the top-20 players in the world, Jon Rahm (No. 3), Tommy Fleetwood (No. 11), Tyrrell Hatton (No. 16) and Pat Perez (No. 19) are scheduled to join the live World Golf Championships-Dell Technologies Match Play Bracket Special tonight at 7:30 p.m. ET on Golf Channel. The 90-minute live primetime special will originate from Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt in Austin, Texas, and feature golf’s own version of a March bracket-style tournament selection format under the guidance of PGA TOUR competition officials.

NBC Sports Group will feature nearly 35 live hours of tournament coverage from the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play. Golf Channel will carry live coverage of round robin matches Wednesday-Friday, March 21-23. On Saturday, March 24, Golf Channel will provide coverage of the Round of 16, followed by the Quarterfinals matches airing on NBC. On Sunday, March 25, Golf Channel will showcase the Semifinals matches, followed by the Championship and Consolation matches airing on NBC.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Volvik USA Names Wes Whittingham Vice President of Sales

(ORLANDO, Florida) – Volvik USA (, a rapidly-growing, premium high-performance golf ball company, has named Wes Whittingham as vice president of sales.

“We welcome Wes Whittingham to Volvik,” said Don Shin, president of Volvik USA. “We are confident that his expertise and veteran sales leadership will enhance our ongoing growth nationwide.”

Whittingham, who has 26 years of successful management experience in the golf industry, spent 12 years with Bridgestone Golf in a variety of management roles. His experience in the golf ball category is proving beneficial as he assumes his executive position with Volvik.

“Volvik is a brand that has caught the attention and imagination of golfers coast to coast, and indeed worldwide,” Whittingham said. “I look forward to contributing to the strategic planning and implementation that will continue to propel the company’s expansion.”

With an ever-increasing number of both tour and amateur players finding success with Volvik, the company continues to extend its recognition and presence throughout the golf industry.

For more information, see

myCharge Debuts Extreme Off-Grid Power with New Adventure Series

Run all the comforts of a high-tech home in the middle of nowhere

(RELEASE) - myCharge is electrifying the outdoors with the introduction of its new Adventure series chargers. The Adventure series ranges from chargers that can easily be carried in a pocket or attached to a backpack with the built-in carabineer to a heavy-hitter that can run televisions and charge laptops and drones.

The AdventureUltra is myCharge’s largest battery bank with the highest power output. Designed to replace the heavy and bulky generators used when tailgating or camping, the AdventureUltra is a more streamlined power source option that can run a 42-inch television for up to three hours. The compact device weighs 1.05 pounds and measures just 1.2 X 5.8 X 4.1 inches. The AdventureUltra has a maximum power output of 45 watts, enough to run a fan or recharge a drone battery. It can also be used with 2 in 1 laptops and new laptops, such as the 12-inch Macbook, that require less than 45 watts either when powered off and solely charging or when powered on and charging simultaneously.

Pack-sized chargers for smartphones, tablets and other small gadgets are also available in the new Adventure series. Capable of storing between 3350 and 1o,050 mAh of power, these chargers feature a built-in carabineer and can be connected to devices using any smart watch, digital camera, phone, or tablet cable. Tough yet easily portable the line includes the: blue AdventureMini has one USB port (3350 mAh), while the orange AdventurePlus (6700 mAh) and grey AdventureMax (10050 mAh) feature two USB ports and can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Adventure series battery chargers are encased inside an insulated and ruggedized exterior case with a flip lid that latches closed to seal off ports. The unique design of the Adventure chargers protects them from drops up to three meters. The insulation built into the case of the Adventure series chargers protects the batteries inside from extreme heat and cold guarding against degradation and a loss of power. And, when latched closed the Adventure chargers are also water-resistant.

Now available at and Best Buy stores, the AdventureMini retails for $29.99 delivering up to 2X extra battery, the AdventurePlus for $39.99 (4X extra battery) and the AdventureMax is $49.99 (6X extra battery). Priced incredibly below the range of even the most affordable generators, the AdventureUltra can be purchased for $129.99.

Discovering Perfection: The Miura Story

(SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA) - The inside story behind one of golf's most iconic and mysterious brands is about to be unveiled with the release of the film documentary, Discovering Perfection: The Miura Story, being digitally distributed on March 19, 2018 at

The short-documentary on the Japanese club manufacturer takes golf fans, documentary buffs and aficionados of Japanese craftsmanship into the world of the Miura family. Billed as the world's finest forged golf clubs, Miura's story began in 1957 when the company's founder, Katsuhiro Miura, began hand-grinding golf clubs. The documentary, set in three chapters, uncovers the history of the brand, explores its building techniques, and discovers the legacy of the most storied and secretive manufacturer in golf history.

"Behind the world's finest forged golf clubs is a compelling story," says Howard Milstein, Executive Producer. "Since 1957, the Miura family has been hands-on, designing and constructing premium golf clubs that set the industry standard. There's precision every step of the way and this documentary showcases the tradition and incredible craftsmanship that creates one of the most interesting stories in the golf industry."

Chapter 1: The Mystery
Miura's history is deeply rooted in this tradition of excellence, creating a unique ancestry in the manufacturing of steel golf clubs. The story begins in Himeji, Japan, where we uncover the birthplace of the Miura golf club and its founder, "Miura-San", Katsuhiro Miura.

Chapter 2: The Laboratory
The story continues as Miura-san goes on to teach his sons, Yoshitaka and Shinei, the fine art of crafting steel golf clubs. The unique design and manufacturing process is revealed, unveiling the iconic Miura way. Discover what truly makes a Miura club stand above the rest, from a golfer and clubfitter's viewpoint.

Chapter 3: The Golfer's Sword
Although Miura has made a significant impact on the industry's past and present, the story does not simply end as Miura-san, Yoshitaka, and Shinei reflect on their historic contributions to the golf industry. In this epic conclusion, learn what can be expected from the renowned brand and its impending legacy.

The film, supported by Executive Producer Howard Milstein, was captured throughout 2017 by a Canadian documentary film-team that traveled to Japan and throughout North America in putting together this story. By meeting with Miura family members, the American management group, and advocates of the clubs, the film takes a non-partisan exploration route to discovering what goes into these clubs being considered the finest in the world.

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Second Annual Community Service Project Set for April 24 Ahead of National Golf Day

Golf Course Superintendents, Industry Leaders Lead National Mall Beautification

(ST. AUGUSTINE, FL) – WE ARE GOLF – a coalition of the game’s leading associations and industry partners – will host the 2nd annual Community Service Project on Tuesday, April 24 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST in advance of National Golf Day with activities focused on beautification and preservation of the National Mall.

"The Community Service Project was a huge success in its first year with the volunteer work by industry leaders saving the National Park Service nearly four months of labor,” says Steve Mona, Chief Executive Officer of World Golf Foundation, administrator of WE ARE GOLF. “We look forward to another opportunity to enhance Washington, D.C., the host city of National Golf Day for the past 11 years. This event is a great example of golf’s dedication to the environment.”

In coordination with Michael Stachowicz, Turf Management Specialist of the National Park Service, the concentration area will be from the U.S. Capitol Building to 14th Street. Services will include laying sod, raking, edging, overseeding, aerating, brushing walkways and sprucing up gravel pathways. All participants will be divided into teams, with each one assigned a team captain to oversee the tasks.

“Working to improve the grounds in our nation’s capital is a privilege,” says Rhett Evans, CEO of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America. “Our team has this day marked as an enjoyable and meaningful event to help kick off National Golf Day.”

The 11th annual National Golf Day will be held Wednesday, April 25 and celebrate the game’s nearly $70 billion economy, $4 billion annual charitable impact and many environmental and fitness benefits. Industry leaders will meet with Members of Congress, the Executive Branch and federal agencies to discuss golf’s 15,000-plus diverse businesses, two million jobs impacted, tax revenue creation and tourism value.

For more information on the Community Service Project, click here.

Tony Romo Longshot to Make Cut in Pro Golf Debut

(RELEASE) - Oddsmakers at BetDSI Sportsbook have given retired NFL quarterback Tony Romo long odds to make the cut in his professional golf debut at Corales Puntacana. The PGA Tour event takes place March 22 through 25.

Romo’s odds of making the cut are 15/1. In comparison, at last year’s Ellie Mae Classic, Stephen Curry’s odds to make the cut were 9/1. The tournament Curry received a sponsor exemption for was a Tour event.

BetDSI is also offering props on Romo’s score on the first hole, his highest round of the tournament, how many birdies he’ll card and more. You can find the full list below.

Tony Romo makes cut at Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship
- Yes +1500
- No -3000

Total golfers Tony Romo beats in field at Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship (total score, ties not counted)
- Over 2.5 (-115)
- Under 2.5 (-115)

Tony Romo score on Hole No. 1 during first round at Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship
- Birdie +275
- Par -160
- Bogey or worse +210

Tony Romo highest score in any round at Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship
- Over 80.5 (-115)
- Under 80.5 (-115)

Tony Romo lowest score in any round at Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship
- Over 75.5 (-115)
- Under 75.5 (-115)

Tony Romo highest score on any hole at Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship
- Over 7 (-115)
- Under 7 (-115)

Tony Romo lowest score on any hole at Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship
- Over 2.5 (-130)
- Under 2.5 (+100)

Total birdies by Tony Romo at Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship
- Over 9.5 (-115)
- Under 9.5 (-115)

Total bogeys or worse by Tony Romo at Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship
- Over 11 (-115)
- Under 11 (-115)

Current odds:

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Rahm, Fleetwood, Leishman & Perez to Join WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play Bracket Special

90-Minute Live Special on Golf Channel to Originate from Austin’s Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt; Bracket Drawn Before Live Audience to Reveal Group Matches

(ORLANDO, Fla.) – Four of the top-20 players in the world, Jon Rahm (No. 3), Tommy Fleetwood (No. 11), Marc Leishman (No. 16) and Pat Perez (No. 19) are scheduled to join the live World Golf Championships-Dell Technologies Match Play Bracket Special on Monday, March 19 at 7:30 p.m. ET on Golf Channel. The 90-minute live primetime special will originate from Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt in Austin, Texas, and feature golf’s own version of a March bracket-style tournament selection format under the guidance of PGA TOUR competition officials.
Being staged at Austin Country Club Wednesday-Sunday, March 21-25, the 64-man WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play field will learn their match opponents for round-robin play (Wednesday-Friday) during Monday night’s special from inside the hotel’s Ladybird Ballroom. The show also will feature several special guests taking part in the selection process, including:
· Ben Crenshaw & Tom Kite, World Golf Hall of Fame members and former University of Texas standouts
· Roger Clemens, seven-time Cy Young Award winner
· Mack Brown, former University of Texas national championship-winning football coach
· Earl Campbell, former University of Texas and 1977 Heisman trophy-winning running back
· Luke Wilson, award-winning actor
· Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas
· Michael Dell, Founder & CEO of Dell Technologies

Ryan Burr will host the show, with Brandel Chamblee and Tim Rosaforte offering insight and analysis on the field as each group is unveiled. Todd Lewis and Cara Banks will conduct interviews with players in attendance.

Selection Format
The top seed for each of the 16 four-player groups will be filled by the top 16 players in the field by order of their position in the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR). Subsequently, the remaining three players in each group will be determined by a blind draw from three separate pools based on each player’s overall standing in the OWGR. Each four-player group will compete in round-robin matches amongst one another Wednesday through Friday. The player with the best record in each group advances to the Round of 16 for single-elimination match play.

Below is an example of how the seeding process could play out Monday night:
- No. 1-ranked Dustin Johnson would be the No. 1 seed in the tournament given his standing in the OWGR. He would be the No. 1 seed in group 1.

The final three spots in his group would be randomly drawn from the pools below:
- Pool B – Players seeded 17-32
- Pool C – Players seeded 33-48
- Pool D – Players seeded 49-64

Group 1 example
- Player A – Dustin Johnson (Ranked No. 1)
- Player B – Xander Schauffele (Ranked No. 24)
- Player C – Tony Finau (Ranked No. 34)
- Player D – Charl Schwartzel (Ranked No. 52)

As the show progresses, completed groups will be posted live to and fans will be able to follow analysis and commentary throughout the draw. A live stream of the show also will be available on Golf Channel Digital, the PGA TOUR mobile app and on

Live Tournament Coverage: Wednesday-Sunday, March 21-25

NBC Sports Group will feature nearly 35 live hours of tournament coverage from the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play. Golf Channel will carry live coverage of round robin matches Wednesday-Friday, March 21-23. On Saturday, March 24, Golf Channel will provide coverage of the Round of 16, followed by the Quarterfinals matches airing on NBC. On Sunday, March 25, Golf Channel will showcase the Semifinals matches, followed by the Championship and Consolation matches airing on NBC.

The tournament broadcast team will include Terry Gannon and Nick Faldo (Golf Channel), along with Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller (NBC) positioned in the 18th tower. For telecasts on both networks, Gary Koch and Peter Jacobsen will report from tower positions, while Roger Maltbie, David Feherty, Notah Begay, Jim “Bones” Mackay and Steve Sands will follow the matches on the ground as on-course reporters, and Jimmy Roberts will provide essays.